April 17, 2023

Kate Read

“And they lived happily ever after.”The end.

A little girl admiring her mothers own dress she spent hours admiring

But really it’s just the beginning. It started with a little girl dreaming of a white dress, falling in
love and then starting a family.
As a little girl one of their most favourite things to do is play dress up. A little girl’s mind wanders
through playing pretend and thinking of their magical wedding day. As we get older we imagine
our perfect day. Location, flowers, the person we are going to spend the rest of our life with, but
as a little girl we mostly think about the DRESS. Spinning and twirling followed by a long train of
lace. Imagine walking down the aisle with the veil across our face, Whitney Houston beating out
I will always love you. No, just me? As a teenager I remember flicking through wedding
magazines and falling in love with so many dresses, usually the bigger and laid skirt were my
favourtie. Childhood dream dress was a Vera Wang custom design. I didn’t even know how
huge Vera Wang was or expensive.
A wedding dress makes us feel special, beautiful, a princess for a day. One of the most exciting
things when planning a wedding is saying YES TO THE DRESS.
Why let it sit in the cupboard collecting dust? After only been worn that one day. The huge build
up to it. Bring it out. Live that moment again and enjoy it with the family that you have grown.
Through your daughter’s love of your things. Let her feel as beautiful as you did on that special
day. Let her dance and twirl and laugh. Shoot that moment. Share that with your little girl.
Let all the memories flood back to the one day you wore your dream dress. It all started when
you were playing pretend with a blanket tucked into your undies and a tea towel draped across
your head, fake flowers gripped in your hand. Seeing your little girl admiring and feeling like a
princess in the dress you once wore will warm your heart and bring back all those moments.
Reminisce the way you fell in love, the process of choosing your dress, the way your husband
looked at you after you said “I do.”Remember the way your dress felt as you took to the dance
floor as husband and wife the first time. Tell your story to your dancing princess as she glides
around in the dress you fell in love with.
Capture a moment that will last forever
Today and everyday.

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