April 17, 2023

Kate Read

Don’t let it just be another mirror selfie.

Don’t let it just be another mirror selfie.
Stop making the same mistake time and time again. Get in the damn photo. When you look
back you will regret not seeing your face with your babies.
Take the photo for them. Photos are a gift to our children to look back on. They way they hold onto you, look at you, for you. Capture those little features, the crinkled up nose, the toothless smile.

Children see the mumma that tucks them in at night, that smoothes over their hair, that tells
them they are brave, the mumma that loves them. They do not care how much you weigh what
you are wearing, if your hair is done or makeup is on.
Your photographs, your memories, your FAMILY is incomplete without you. As your children
grow and get older you don’t want them to look back from the most memorable times of your
lives to find you nowhere.
This is your sign to book that session, make those moments permanent. It doesn’t have to be a
milestone to capture a moment. A mother deserves to be seen and celebrated in a role that is
so often invisible. It doesn’t have to be a typical portrait yet documenting the inbetween. The
chaotic, beautiful, messy, hilarious bits. The way that you are, the laughter, side eye glance and
love. A photo tells thousands of stories. It’s in the smile,the awkwardness.
Remind the mum’s to get in the photo. Take the photo of a friend and their babies when they
aren’t watching. They will love you for it. And take the selfie too. The more moments captured
the better. Let’s always celebrate mothers, because they should always be celebrated, every
time and everyone.

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