April 17, 2023

Kate Read

Don’t you wish time stood still?

To press pause and breathe in every moment that you have in your newborn bubble. Soaking
up each ounce of fresh life. There is only a fleeting moment where one becomes two, but still
feels a lot like you’re one.

The smells.
The noises.
The soft touch.
The huge big love.

The sleepless nights of constant connection.
From the moment you hold your baby in your arms, you will never be the same again.
The wild ride of motherhood is your story. One like no other. All because of them, we discover
ourselves a little more. We take on the role like no other.
Motherhood is chaotic, messy, raw, exposing, all the emotions combined. It is with certainty that
some days will feel long, but change is constant. No new day is the same with our babies. They
are the reason our hearts overflow every single damn day and the reason we cry alone in the
shower. They turn our hair grey, but still keep us young.
What I know for sure is that time is a thief. It rips a newborn out of our arms to waving them
goodbye as they embark on their own adventures, through school, new loves and their own
family life.

A photo is the closest thing we have to time standing still. A memory paused. Something we can
look back at time and time again. To remember those warm, cosy cuddles of new life.

Book in your in-home Newborn Session now, what a special moment to capture, to remember forever.

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