Messy, loud, busy and a whole lot of LOVE!!

Capturing families & newborns is such a special time. These little people really don't stay little for long!
Trust me, when I say that this little person will steal your heart from their first breath. You will want of all them captured.
From the snuggles under your chin on your chest, to the perfection of their ten little fingers and ten little toes.

We will capture all the love this little bundle of joy has bought to your family so you don't forgot how little and perfect they are.

 A photo session will be a fun filled adventure capturing giggles and smiles! 

You will love looking back on these memories in years to come wondering how were they so little!


Capture the small moments,
as one day they will become the big moments

family & Newborn sessions

All the chaos & love captured in a moment

Families are busy and chaotic! Each little person has their own personality. Photographing these little features is a snapshot, a moment in the journey of motherhood captured forever. Whether it be the little squishey nose they make when they smile, the missing tooth they have been waiting weeks for, or the teenager that gives you an eye roll whenever they get a chance. These moments are yours to remember and enjoy in photos for years to come. 

These kids grow so fast! I know, I am a Mumma of 2 little boys myself. If you blink, they have grown another few centimetres!

I wont rush our session, babies & kids don't like being rushed, we live on their time now. We will capture it all. I will find the nicest light, ensuring you are always comfortable. Its a huge adjustment to become a Mother. All care is given to ensure it is a comfortable experience and a moment to enjoy, capturing the love of your perfect little people you love and adore.

Everyone feels awkward for photos. I am here to help guide you and I use angles and prompts to ensure you feel comfortable and will love your photos. 

During our photo session, we will go on an adventure, capture their personalities, little traits. I will spend time with your family capturing the love you have for these beautiful little people. 

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If you are worried about how to stand or sit, or how you will look in these photos, then dont! I will guide you to ensure we capture the most authentic candid perfect photos of your family.

Our kids want us in the photos. They don't care if you feel awkward, everyone does! Dont be worried if your hair is not sitting perfect, your top has a small crease, or you are a few kilograms more than what you would like. Kids dont care! They want memories of YOU.
Get in the photos Mummas, kids want you in their photos.

I will have a laugh and a giggle with the kids, go on an 'adventure' with them, and of course make them have the biggest sloppiest hugs and kisses with mum or dad, capturing it all.

You will be surprised what I capture through this lens!

“Family is not an important thing. It's everything.”
– Michael J. Fox.

Where to have your photos taken?

There are options! Outdoors with natural sunlight, indoors in your own home, or in my studio. Ready for the new mum or the whole family to have photos and memories captured.

The studio is  air-conditioned/heated indoor studio in a central location in Mildura set out ready for Newborn & small family sessions. Props, blankets, wraps are all included. As well as a small range of dresses for the new Mother to wear. This ensures there is one less worry to have before photos. 

We also have the choice of capturing your newborn in your own home. Bringing your perfect bundle home is such a beautiful experience. I will find the best light in your home. All i will need is a window and a made bed.

Outdoor sessions are also an option, with sunrise & sunset times to capture the golden rays of our beautiful area

FAQ: When is the best time to hold a newborn session?

-In a perfect world, 7-14 days after their birth is an ideal time to capture newborn squish as they are still in their newborn bubble. But! Mumma, life doesn't always work out the way we planned, so anytime in the first few months is perfect. Birthing and adapting to a new life of motherhood is hard. Hormones, milk supply and lack of sleep. I never pressure new mums into rushing into getting their photos done asap, as you will end up feeling rushed and hating the whole process. We capture you and your baby when you feel ready, if that is a little later than you had planned, then thats ok! The photos will still be perfect and soon you will wonder how small your perfect bundle was. 

Capturing the memories 


limited Release Mini family Sessions 

Held at Limited Times throughout the year

+ 20 minute session

Perfect time to capture all the giggles and laughs

+ 35 hand edited images

+ Private Online gallery

   to share with family and friends

Next Release: Sunflower Trail Sunset Sessions Held on Sturt Highway, Monak
7pm & 7.30pm January 9th, 10th, 15th 16th & 17th.

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