Family Photography, they grow too fast!

March 6, 2023

Kate Read

Why getting annual photos of your family is a must!

How often do we hear the saying “Blink and you will miss it?”
When we take that birthday photo each year we can see the change in our children.

Each year brings a few more freckles on sun-kissed skin, gaps where teeth once were and will
appear again. How quickly do squishy newborn’s turn into a toddler’s with sparkling
eyes as they see magic and mystery in the most ordinary things. To the pre-teen’s silly
faces and those moments of “watch me” You want to be able to look back and remember
the way your family was in that moment. A photo shot can uncover those little bits of
personality. Capturing the hugs and love between each other.
You might take photos of your kids and a few selfies, but it’s not the same as someone
behind the camera clicking away. Laughing along with you. Capturing your moments for
you, to have forever. Sure those birthday cake photos are a reflection of that person, but
is it the whole family? Is mum in those photos? Was that bear hug from Dad captured by
the lens? Probably not.

The Madden Family at our recent Photo session!

Each year brings new milestones and memories that we want to keep tucked away in our
memory bank, but over time these can become a little blurred.

We don’t all have photographic memories.

Capturing photos more often we can hold onto those tiny
moments to cherish them through all our years and our future families long after we are
gone. It’s not just a photo session, it is who, where and what you are in that very moment.

Each year is not the same. Our Children grow a little taller and we may have a few more smile lines, but that’s just proof of happiness and love.

They don’t stay little forever, but by having regular photos taken with care you have
beautiful moments paused in time that you are ALWAYS going to have. Your future great
grandchildren will thank you for the endless amount of pictures to look back on. I love
looking back through old photos, I only wish that there was more.

Elise & Mum at our first shoot in 2017, oh how they grow!

“A moment captured in time that will live on forever.”

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